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The ProtectorXT™ is a revolutionary quick access biometric-secured gun rack designed for the safe storage of a long gun for home defense, and the prevention of unauthorized access by children or intruders. It features advanced biometric fingerprint technology, ensuring quick and reliable access to a firearm in two seconds or less—making it a great addition to your existing gun safe or a practical stand-alone home defense system.

ProtectorXT™ eliminates the need for keys or codes and is the gun owner’s choice for families who value firearm security. Made in the USA and manufactured from polycarbonate, a tough lightweight material used in jet windshields and bulletproof limos, ProtectorXT™ is offered exclusively by Salus Security Devices. View all product specifications here.

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Popular Makes/Models Tested to Fit in ProtectorXT:

  • Remington 870
  • Mossberg 500
  • Browning Over/Under Shotgun
  • Stevens Double Barrel Shotgun
  • Ruger Rifle
  • Kimber Rifle
  • Marlin Lever Action Rifle
  • Remington 700 Rifle

Note: Many models of firearms with barrels longer than 28″, and those with scopes or large magazines, typically will not fit in ProtectorXT.

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 39 × 11.25 × 7 cm


Exterior Product Dimensions: length = 38.5’; depth = 9.5’; width = 6.25’

Weight: Approximately 7.5lbs

Body Materials: Polycarbonate, a shatter resistant material used in fighter aircraft canopies/windscreens, bulletproof cars, Police Riot Shields, and eyeglasses.

Surface Material Surrounding Gun: ProtectorXT™ encapsulates the firearm trigger and magazine areas, as well as the stock or handgrip. The polycarbonate body of the product is a non-abrasive material and will not scratch or mar the surface of the firearm. The breach plate (which prevents access to the biometric locking system when a firearm is secured in ProtectorXT™) is made of metal and covered with a non-corrosive cushion material to protect the firearm from touching the breach plate.

Included Accessories: External battery pack for backup power supply. One storage shelf for a handgun (with a pistol-grip shotgun) or shotgun shells (with a long-barrel firearm). Two additional storage shelves are available options for separate purchase.

Patents: 6,230,946, 6,918,519, and 7,200,965

Wall Mountable: ProtectorXT™ can be attached to a secure wall stud or on a secure vertical post. Mounting holes are provided in the product’s body; instructions and appropriate hardware are included for installation. ProtectorXT™ is designed to be installed vertically, with the end of the firearm’s barrel at the top, above head height, and the fingerprint reader positioned for convenient reach. Between 44” and 48” from floor to center of reader should suit most people.

Made in the USA: The Protector XT is designed, tested, built, and serviced in the United States of America.

User Manual: The Owner’s Manual includes safety, installation, fingerprint programming instructions, and warranty information.

Number of Unique Fingerprints Stored: 32

Lock Out Limit After Failed Attempts: No limit

Battery Type & Quantity: 4 AA long life batteries

Battery Life: Approximately one year. When batter is low the LED light will blink red/green when start button is pushed.