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Keeping Your Family and Property Safe: Home Security Planning Should Begin with Secure Firearms

by Carmen Lobis, Director Business Development, ProtectorXT

As a homeowner, you’ve most likely taken the time to create a fire emergency plan for your family, with escape routes and rendezvous points, along with a regular schedule to practice fire drills, remove hazards, and check smoke detectors. But have you taken similar steps to prepare for a burglary, home invasion, natural disaster, or other event that could jeopardize your family or property? When it comes to protecting your house and loved ones, information is your first line of defense. A home security checklist will help to fill the gaps in your contingency planning and let you sleep better at night.

At the top of the list: firearms. If someone does enter your home illegally, your guns are both your primary protection and potentially your greatest threat, so they should take top priority in your planning. When at home, make sure loaded firearms are secured— either stored in a purpose-built safe or gun locking station, like the one I describe below. As part of your home security plan, you should also develop a before-bed routine to ensure that you double-check the status of every gun in the house before retiring. When you plan to be away from home, securely lock and store all firearms. Along with jewelry and electronics, guns are often a favorite target for burglars.

If you keep a loaded firearm handy, check out ProtectorXT— a revolutionary Gun Locking Station designed for very fast, reliable access to a rifle or shotgun and the prevention of unauthorized access by intruders or children. It features advanced biometric fingerprint technology, assuring quick and reliable access to a firearm in two seconds or less—making it a great addition to your existing gun safe or a practical stand-alone home defense system. The ProtectorXT eliminates the need for keys or codes and is the gun owner’s choice for families who value firearm security. For more information or to purchase a unit, visit

Some other items to put on your checklist:

  • Designate a safe room, such as a master bedroom, where family members should quickly go in case of an emergency.
  • Make sure all valuables (including guns) are inscribed with a trackable ID code or serial number approved by local law enforcement. Keep a photo record of the important items in your home, and store a copy at another location as backup.
  • Install timers on at least two inside lights, and motion-sensor devices on at least two outdoor lights.
  • Outside, keep foliage trimmed to eliminate potential hiding places; remove tree limbs near your home that could allow an intruder access to an upper-floor window.
  • Never leave house keys under mats, in flowerpots, or any other outdoor location near entranceways. Instead, leave a key with a trusted neighbor.
  • When away from home for extended periods, arrange to have mail and newspapers picked up, and notify local police of your schedule so they can make routine checks of your home. Make sure you provide your alarm company with a list of emergency contacts who can act on your behalf while you’re away.


Gun Safety for Children

Gun Safety for ChildrenGun safety for kids

As most parents know, children must hear the same consistent message over and over again to make sure it becomes part of their everyday processes. Here are some “rules” about firearms that, repeated enough, can help kids at least pause long enough to help them be safe.

Even if you own firearms and teach your children how to use them responsibly, remember that consistent good judgment comes only with maturity and it’s easy and common for youngsters to take chances.

  • Never touch a gun.
  • Immediately leave any area where you see a gun. DON’T TOUCH THE GUN!
  • If you see or find a gun, go find and tell an adult. AGAIN, DON’T TOUCH THE GUN!
  • If you can’t find an adult, call 911 and tell the police.
  • Even if the gun looks like a toy, don’t touch it. If other children are playing with a gun, leave the area and tell an adult.
  • If someone threatens you or talks about bringing a gun to school, speak up. Tell an adult like a parent or teacher.
  • Don’t worry about getting another child into trouble. You may just be saving your own life or a friend’s by alerting an adult.
  • Once you’ve completed these steps, start again – in the next hour, next day, next week, next month & until your child can recite the points from memory!

ProtectorXT is committed to gun safety for everyone, especially children. Please watch our video and consider supporting our crowd funding campaign – CLICK HERE!